Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Tides

The second full day they spent in Bar Harbor promised cool temps and a chance of drizzle. While Kate and Adam didn't mind hiking in that kind of weather (After all, a bad day of hiking is better than a good day at work, right?) they were certain the Chloe and Madeline would have been pretty miserable the entire time. Since the forecast showed improving conditions in the days ahead, Kate and Adam decided to forgo one day in the wilderness and spend the day in town instead, visiting the gift shops and boutiques.

The town was busy but not crowded on this early June day as Kate, Adam, Chloe, and Madeline made their way in and out of dozens of stores specializing in everything from outdoor apparel and equipment to Bar Harbor labeled sweatshirts and gifts to merchandise for your pets. They sampled lobster-flavored ice cream (and then got a different flavor to enjoy) and spent far too long in the bookstore.     

By early afternoon, the family of four and wandered their way down to the waterfront.

"Hey, the rangers at the Visitor Center yesterday said the tide would be well on its way out by now. Let's go check out the land bridge just up ahead," Adam suggested, after seeing the sign, and they all agreed it sounded cool.

When they got there, "cool" was an understatement. Magnificent seemed more appropriate.

"Wow," Kate breathed, taking in the sight. At one-thirty in the afternoon, the water had parted just enough for people to cross to the tiny island on the other side. Along the short walk, Chloe and Madeline searched the residual pools for sea creatures and shells. Kate picked up an ordinary pebble, still damp from the departing water. The flat, smooth, and heavy stone reminded her of the faith David showed when he faced Goliath, and even though she knew you aren't supposed to take anything from the natural environment, she slipped the pebble into her pocket, just a simple memento for whenever life's different Goliaths may rise up.

 On the other side of the land bridge, the rocky shore gave way to lush, green trees and plants. Kate, Adam and the girls followed the short trail through a field of wildflowers, up a rocky incline, and finally stopped on the island lookout. Kate must have taken a dozen photos of the view of the Maine coast and the Atlantic Ocean beyond that. This was a view, and a time spent with her family, she never wanted to forget. 

Upon reaching the shores of the mainland once again, Kate glanced back. The tide had gone out even further. Now enough land was exposed, trucks could actually drive out to Bar Island! Kate grabbed Adam's hand. He was her anchor, her support and help through all kinds of weather. He was there for her when her beloved Grandpa Clayton died. He taught her how to love again. She gazed up at him, her eyes brimming with affection.

"It's kind of like life, isn't it? Some days are low tide where it's easy to get from point A to point B. Some days are high tide where it seems you have to struggle to stay afloat."

Adam leaned down and kissed Kate on the bridge of her nose. "Sure, but it's all about perspective. Low tide is for enjoying. High tide is for growing."

There was so much truth in his words. And right now, Kate enjoyed everything about her life, but she knew just like how in a few hours, the tide would return and this magical bridge would once again be under water, she would have a difficult day here and there . . . until it was time for the tide to go out again.

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