Monday, January 8, 2018

Worth the Wait

After such an early morning, they returned to the hotel, were four of the first diners at the continental breakfast, and then easily took a two-hour nap back in their room. When Kate slowly woke, she reached for her phone, still in camera mode, looking through the stunning pictures from their amazing experience that morning. Exhaling, part of her felt like it was just a dream and she was relieved that it was very real.

Adam rolled toward her. "What's on the agenda for this afternoon?"

"I don't know that anything can compare to this morning."

"Doesn't mean we shouldn't go try and see what adventures we can find, does it?" Patting her hip, Adam crawled out of bed. "I'm going to shower."

"Alright. I'll get the girls up and around." Setting her phone on the bedside table, Kate reluctantly parted with her pictures for the time being and went to the adjoining room in their family suit to rouse Madeline and Chloe.

Within the hour, the family of four made the short drive from their hotel to Jordan Pond, a crystal clear mountain lake. Adam and the girls, ever the adventurers, were eager to hike the 3.6-mile perimeter. Kate, on the other hand, was anticipating the famous Jordan Pond House popovers.

Right off the bat, however, Kate thoroughly enjoyed the hike. It proved to be challenging and the views were incredible. The trail they started out on had several stretches which were narrow boardwalks, and they each had to watch their steps. A turned ankle would've been an easy injury on that section. That gave way to a stretch through and over rocks. They had to be sure-footed during this section as well. The last and longest stretch was relaxing, a mostly dirt or pea gravel trail, and they stopped many times during this section to marvel at the beauty of their surroundings. They discovered on their hike that Jordan Pond had an average visibility depth of 46ft.

"I wonder why it's so clear," Madeline mused gazing over a bridge at a frog and several minnows easily visible in the water.

"It said on the sign back where we started that there is no swimming or motorized watercraft allowed, which means nothing is polluting it," Adam stated.

"I see a kayaker, though. That's okay?" Chloe asked.

"Kayaks and canoes don't use gas or oil which could leak into the water." He smiled. "It looks fun, doesn't it?" All three ladies nodded and they continued on their hike, which was over way too soon.

Turning back one last time at the end of their hike, Kate snapped a few pictures and gazed at the pretty mountain-bordered lake. "I could just stare at this view all day long."

Slipping an arm around her waist, Adam nuzzled his wife's neck. "I get an even prettier view every single morning and evening."

"I love you, handsome." She kissed his cheek. "Now let's go check out those popovers in the restaurant. I'm feeling that hike!"

Jordan Pond House was an extremely popular full-service restaurant and the only one inside Acadia National Park. It was just a short distance from the Jordan Pond trail and the scenery out the huge windows as they enjoyed a fancy coffee or hot chocolate drink and popovers was every bit worth their decent wait.

Kate smiled. Just like life. Seems like all the best things take time and patience, but it's always worth the wait. That night Kate fell asleep early, exhausted but absolutely satisfied.