Thursday, June 9, 2011

Writing Wednesday

So I'm a day late on Writing Wednesday. It's because I was . . . WRITING!!! :o) Actually, struggling to write more like it as I wasn't feeling too good yesterday. I had a bad headache. Not good when a deadline is looming. :o(

The Heart's Lullaby is coming along, still slower than I'd like but, hey, I'm a mama first. I watch two kids a couple days a week over the summer and today when they get picked up their aunt is taking my two girls with them to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 so I'll write a lot then! Well, the little boy wanted to know what I was going to do at home all by myself! (He just graduated Kindergarten, thus life revolves around kids in his eyes.) I told them that I have to work on my book because I can't get anything done on it while the girls are home! He said, "Yeah, but you'd rather have them then your story." AMEN TO THAT!!!

I got my new author pic yesterday. What do you think??? My friend that shoots my covers took it and took several of my family. I've got them up on facebook. So things are coming slowly but surely. I'd appreciate just a few prayers for continued inspiration these next few weeks. And may my fingers fly!   

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