Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Am I Thinking?!?!

So last weekend I took a deep breath . . . and registered to walk/run (but mostly walk) a half marathon in Nashville on September 25th. And then came the question: What am I thinking?!?!

This is what I'm thinking: I have 1 body in this life and I wasn't taking very good care of it. It was too EASY to grab fast food on the way from here to there with the kids. It was too CONVENIENT to sit on my butt and wait to be inspired to write more in The Heart's Lullaby. I have finally had it with feeling dumpy. So, after talking with Chris, I decided I need a BIG goal with a date attached to work for. Chris said to me, "If you're going to do this, you have to look at your writing and your training as one otherwise writing will always trump walking." Amazingly, the two really are connected. Some of my writer friends have said that it has something to do with getting an increase of oxygen to the brain. Whatever the reason, in just one week of eating right and exercising regularly, I not only feel so great, I'm more inspired than I have been since I started The Heart's Lullaby.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, I figured out every twist and turn of The Heart's Lullaby (But mark my word, there'll be more that surprise even me. There always is.) I thought you might like a small, unedited snippet of what is to come. So . . . here's the first page:

The clock on the wall ticked off the seconds. Still the three minute wait seemed unending. Elizabeth Truman sat on the edge of the bathtub, pressed her hands together and slipped them in between her knees.

"This could be it. The wait may finally be over and in just three minutes our lives could change forever."

She glanced down at her flat belly, imagining how she’d give Elijah the good news, smiling at the thought of how happy he’d be. Just the other day when they were strolling through the mall together, a ball and glove caught his eye from the window of the toy store and he made a comment about playing catch with his son someday. He was ready to be a daddy.

And there was nothing she wanted more than to be a mother. Over the past several months the deep longing had intensified, preoccupying her thoughts during the day and her dreams at night. Her arms ached to hold their baby—a perfect combination of her and Elijah. Her soul yearned to nurture their child, to watch him or her grow day by day. She already loved this little miracle that she was sure the Lord would bless them with.

The second hand finally returned to twelve for the third time. Her heart thudded inside her chest. A hard knot formed in her stomach and she pressed her hand against it in a feeble attempt to ease the discomfort. She stood and slowly moved to the sink where the results were waiting on the end of a little plastic stick. Hand trembling, she reached for it and examined it closely.

One line.

I want to encourage you today to reach for your dreams whatever they are and no matter how unattainable they seem. Believe it or not, the saying the words "What am I thinking?!?!" can be a good thing. A very good thing! :o)

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for the family of Cindy Conatser who was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. She had 3 children and 1 grandson. Pray mightily that her family will feel the love of Jesus all around them. Pray that they will feel His arms around them, comforting them in their time of grief. Pray that they will find rest and solace in Him. During this time of questions and confusion, when they want to ask, "Why?" pray that they will find their answer in Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

Also pray for the family of Tommy Williams who died at age 46 from a massive stroke. Again, pray for comfort and peace. Pray that his family will feel Jesus in their time of need like never before. Pray for these families not just in the days ahead but in the weeks and months ahead as those of you who've lost a loved one know, the pain and sorrow may weaken, but it never really goes away.

I'm also asking you to pray for the families of 8-year-old Devynne Seale and 10-year-old Sierra Littrell-Ellenberger, siblings who recently died in a house fire. Pray especially for their mother as I could not even begin to imagine the pain she must be feeling at the loss of two of her children. Pray that these children didn't die in vain, that their community will take the extra precautions to make their homes safe. Pray that our Lord will draw this family and the community close to Him during this terrible, terrible time of loss.

I also want you to remember my writer friend, Krista Phillips, who is expecting her FOURTH baby girl in August, I believe, and has to go in for special PRECAUTIONARY tests on the baby's heart this week. Krista seems as calm and positive as can be, which is much better than I would be doing, but please send her some prayers that will bring her peace and that of course Baby Girl Phillips will be just perfect! :o)

Please also pray for my sister, Karen Pantaleo, as she has recently found out she is pregnant with their first baby (YAY!) but has hurt her knee badly and has to have surgery (BOO!). Please pray that the doctors will know exactly what to do to help her knew without harming the tiny little life (my niece or nephew) growing inside her.

UPDATES: I'm so sorry to report that Sarah Dotson has gone to her home in heaven after battling cancer. Please pray for her husband and little girl and they grieve this loss.

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please send me a message and I will be happy to include them on our list. I truly believe there IS power in prayer!

In the next couple months, I will be interviewd by several different bloggers. I'll give you a list of dates and web addresses in the next post. Until then, keep reaching for your dreams!

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