Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, dear friends! I'm so thankful for what the Lord did for me on this day all those years ago! I'm so thankful for His healing hands continuing to be on my Olivia and for His guiding hands to constantly be there in my life. I SOOO need Him!

Today I am also thankful to you for supporting me and visiting my blog often. I check the stat counter regularly and just over the past week the number of visits has grown like I never imagined it would! I've also received several new subscribers and I just feel so blessed to be able to serve you in some small way - whether I leave you with an inspiring thought or entertain you with a chunk of reading material, but always to list your prayer concerns and updates.

I have to be completely honest with you and tell you that, though I feel strong in spirit right now, my human body is struggling. I am very, very tired. I'm working very hard on meeting my deadline while trying to fulfill my duties as a mama, wife, teacher, friend, etc. and now I'm just plumb tuckered out. I'm not complaining. I love every aspect of my life. There's nothing in this world that I love more than my babies and my husband. Teaching and writing somehow compliment each other and fulfill me like no other occupation could. But I need more time. From now until I meet my deadline, my posts will be short with an occasional snippet or inspirational word and I will add prayer requests and updates as I get them so I won't forget any. Please forgive me, but this is all I'm going to leave you with tonight. Please, check the list of prayer concerns as I've added a few.

Serving you the best way I can,

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Alice-Lyle said...

You are an amazing woman and I am so proud to know you.